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Why do you ride?

We ride for the freedom. The adventure. The feeling of conquering the unknown that only comes from stuffing a few changes of clothes into your saddlebags, straddling a bike, and riding without a destination in mind.

We ride because the thrill of riding can’t be matched. The wind whips around you, every bump in the road is felt, and if you want to get to your destination in one piece, you need the skills to do it. Driving a car closes you off from the world. Riding forces your senses to come alive, because without them you couldn’t ride.

Here at Las Vegas Harley-Davidson, we understand why you ride. It’s different for all of us, yet we’re equally drawn to the unique world, spirit of camaraderie, and unbridled passion that only riding offers.

No matter what you’re looking for in your bike—a touring model for cross country trips, or something classic that looks great and sounds even better—we have what you need to create the best possible riding experience. You can rent different models, our service department is top-notch, and we have some of Harley’s best bikes available right now in our showroom.

The heritage of Harley-Davidson—an unabashed, full-throttle American brand—is one of the reasons we chose to deal their bikes. The storied history of the company and the quality rides their bikes offer are matched by none. You’ll love your Harley because we’ll make sure that you get the bike that fits you best. We’ll set you up on the bike that will create lasting memories, let you chase the adventure you crave, and make a splash when you show up at a biker bar or pit stop along the way.

We’re grateful that you’re considering Las Vegas Harley-Davidson for your motorcycle needs. We can’t wait to serve you as you start your next riding adventure.



Harley-Davidson Dealership Las Vegas

Here at Las Vegas Harley-Davidson, we’re proud to boast a large inventory of some of the best bikes available on today’s market. We have the bikes to match every taste. From touring to cruising models, we’ll help you find the best bike available.

We also sell a few non-Harley bikes, like Kawasaki and BMW, but our biggest selection is made up of one of America’s greatest brands—Harley-Davidson. For more information regarding sales, visit our sales page or give us a call at 888-218-0744. You can also email us at

Our showroom is located at 5191 S Las Vegas Boulevard, right by McCarran International Airport. It’s a hard place to miss, and we promise you’ll enjoy your experience.

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Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Rentals Las Vegas

Sometimes, life takes you to Vegas: for work, visiting family, or just passing through on your way somewhere else. Close to Vegas there are some truly incredible scenic rides—like Mt. Charleston or Red Rock Canyon—that are can’t-miss opportunities for anyone who loves to ride. If you weren’t lucky enough to bring your bike to the city, we can help you satisfy that urge to ride through our rental program.

For more information regarding our rental program, cost, group outings, and special rates, contact our rental team today by phone at 888-900-9901. You can also save time (and ensure a better chance of getting the model you want to rent) by using our convenient online reservation page.

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Regular maintenance and repairs are a huge part of ensuring that your bike lasts as long as possible. Here at Las Vegas Harley-Davidson, we have a full-service mechanic team dedicated to helping you get the most out of your bike.

We understand you’d rather have your bike on the road than in the shop, and that’s why we strive to be as quick and efficient as we can, while still making sure your bike is in absolute perfect condition. Our service team recommends that you follow your Harley-Davidson regular motorcycle service intervals. To perform any repairs, we use only genuine Harley-Davidson parts. This ensures top quality performance, and eliminates the need to visit the shop more than necessary, which would happen if we used parts that weren’t genuine Harley-Davidson.

If you want to get even more power and performance out of your bike, we also offer customization services. Our mechanics can install performance-enhancing components on all Harley-Davidson models. A little time spent in our Dyno shop will ensure you get the most out of your bike customization.

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Thank You

Here at Las Vegas Harley-Davidson, we appreciate our customers. We run this dealership because we’re just like you: we love to ride. We live for the days spent with nothing in our way except the open road. We live for the weeks where the hardest decision to make is whether to turn right or left at a fork in the road. We get riding—and we know you do too.

We want you to know we’re grateful that you do business with us. Helping other riders get the best bike they can, or fix an existing bike, is a service to the riding world we’re honored to provide. So from our gang to yours—thank you.