Harley-Davidson Riding Academy Courses In Las Vegas

Great riders aren’t born, They’re made.

Learn to ride - or ride better - the H-D way

NEW RIDER   SKILLED RIDER   You’ve likely dreamt of this moment for a long time. The instant when you slip one leg over the side of a gleaming chrome bike, the exhaust rumbling in the way only a motorcycle can. You tighten your helmet strap, adjust your sunglasses, and twist the throttle. Your bike comes to life and wakes up half the neighborhood, but you don’t care – it’s Saturday morning and time for your weekly ride. You take off as fast as you dare, not caring where you’re headed but just happy to be on the road once more. Here at Harley-Davidson Las Vegas, we understand the draw of riding. After all, we were once in your boots, looking around a new bike showroom with a blank check but no idea what we were getting ourselves into. That’s why Harley-Davidson established the riding academy – to help aspiring riders learn to ride motorcycles in Las Vegas. But we take that a step further – we teach you to ride a Harley in Las Vegas. And as any biker knows, Harleys possess a unique, gritty, pure-blooded-American spirit that no other bike on the market captures. If you’re looking for a motorcycle class in Las Vegas, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re brand new and need instruction from the stirrups up, or you’re an experienced rider who wants to take your skills to another level entirely, we have classes available for you. New riders will take the New Rider Course, while those looking to build on their existing biking skill set will take the Skilled Rider Course. These are Harley-Davidson endorsed riding classes, straight from the Harley Academy handbook. This level of instruction, and expertise from endorsed teachers, is only available at authorized Harley-Davidson dealerships.

New rider course

What to expect

You’ve finally had enough of living a boring life, and you’ve decided to chase the thrill and adventure that only come from riding. Better yet, you know Harley offers the best possible biking experience out there, and you’re ready to learn to ride. When you take the New Rider Course from our Riding Academy, you’ll get the following:
  • You’ll learn how to ride on an honest-to-God Harley-Davidson. Your friends on Facebook are going to be very jealous.
  • You’ll receive in-class and on-range instruction from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation handbook, in addition to tutoring and tips from our Harley-Davidson Certified Coaches. These riders have years of experience on the open road, and their knowledge is invaluable.
  • You’ll be taught to safely accelerate, shift, brake, turn, and perform maneuvers like controlling skids and surmounting obstacles. These are basics that every rider has to learn in order to stay safe on the road.
  • Earn a Motorcycle Safety Foundation Basic Rider Course Completion Card, which will exempt you from the riding portion of your riding exam in some states when getting your motorcycle endorsement, and will likely get you a sizeable discount on your motorcycle insurance.

Skilled rider course

What to expect

This course is designed completely with experienced riders in mind. Taking place over eight hours, it’s also taught by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and certified Harley-Davidson coaches. What this course provides is pretty simple – the tips and tricks you need to know in order to own the road. If you want to be like that old guy you met at a biker bar on your road trip last summer – the guy who could make the cheapest bike do the most incredible things – then this is the course for you. The Skilled Rider Course covers the following:
  • Teaches you how to control your bike better at low speeds, something you’ll need to know if you plan on using your bike on any kind of daily commute.
  • Goes in-depth on risk management. Riding isn’t an endeavor for the faint of heart, and if you want to come home in one piece, you need to learn how to recognize, react to, and manage the risks presented by riding.
  • You’ll learn limited-space maneuvers. This is like the parallel parking portion of your Driver’s Ed test, but on a bike instead of whatever clunky sedan your high school had for you to use.
  • Cornering judgement is another important skill to have. How fast is too fast to take any given corner? The Skilled Rider Course will help you make that judgement in real-time.
  • In addition to cornering, you’ll learn how to swerve safely and stop quickly in straightaways and curves. Like it or not, but there will be more than one occasion when you’ll have to swerve and stop quickly in order to avoid a nasty situation.
  • You’ll also learn multiple curve maneuvers, in addition to more advanced training on surmounting objects.
After completion of the Skilled Rider Course, you’ll have more confidence than ever before--and confidence is key in riding. If you can’t trust yourself, or your bike, you won’t enjoy your time on the road. The Skilled Rider Course takes the nervousness out of riding and helps the basics become second nature so you can focus on soaking up every last bit of the experience that is riding a bike. Finishing the Skilled Rider Course may also qualify you for additional insurance discounts, so even if you’re an incredible rider already, it’s worth the eight hours. FIND A CLASS  

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